Menu Item

1 person

Tortilla bread, mixed cheese, fresh mushroom, red pepper, green pepper,
yellow pepper, onions, sweet corn, carrot, zucchini, lettuce served with
guacamole sauce and French fries.

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Shrimps, onion, mustard, chili pepper, cherry tomatoes, garlic, Cajun, parmesan,
bechamel sauce.

Truffle paste, oyster mushroom, linguini, and parmesan.

Baked fish with garlic and herbs, peas puree, red bell pepper, cucumber,
served with couscous.


Fresh prawns gently cooked with butter, carrots, zucchini, cherry tomatoes,
rosemary, avocado and cilantro sauce.


Served with walnuts and creamy butter cheese

Creamy fresh mango with our delicious panna cotta topped with sliced mango
and mint.